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Nick Logan Wedding + Event DJ

Nick Logan Wedding + Event DJ

I love what I do, and I love weddings.  While some DJs need to get the most bookings, I choose instead to work with the right couples, and be part of the most amazing weddings.

the idj4u story

I’ve owned the idj4u concept for decades. It was initially an email alias for my start-up business before websites were a necessity, and later I used it as online screen name for online networking when DJs first started learning and sharing on a world stage through discussion forums.

While it’s no longer the primary brand for my business, the idj4u personalised plate does the miles and has been on my company vehicles since 1998.

There are two types of DJ hire services in Auckland:

  • The big ones that focus on booking as many events as possible


  • The smaller ones that focus on doing the best events, one at a time


Isn’t it great you have a choice?


Some DJ companies will tell you about how many events they do every weekend, or how many DJs they have working for them, or simply that they’re “the best in Auckland“. Do a Google search and see how many say they offer the best DJ service in NZ.

They can’t ALL be right.  Right?

You could believe their sales hype.   Alternatively, you together with your partner can meet with me to discuss your wedding day in detail. I’d rather find out what’s most important to you than show off how many lights I have or how many school balls I can do in a weekend.


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What happened to the idj4u brand?

idj4u was just a nickname, although some confuse it for a DJ company brand name today.  

I have no brand name, no company name to hide behind.  I am confident enough about the service I offer that my name IS the brand.

I stand by my personalised guaranteed standards, no matter who my client is.


New Zealand’s most compact and unobtrusive DJ system.

Wedding Ideas and Observations

Ideas and observations from a lifetime of over 500 weddings and events

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Two of the most useless words in weddings

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Ask Me Why Not To Spotify

Ask Me Why Not To Spotify

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How To Choose a DJ That Isn’t Just A Booking Agent

How To Choose a DJ That Isn’t Just A Booking Agent

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